You have reached the FTP Server

To apply for a FTP account, Click Here, to read the section of the VF Walkthrough guide covering FTP accounts Click Here, or Contact Us if you have questions.
Trying to log into your VF FTP account? Note the "http://" in your browser's address bar. To use FTP the address needs to read "ftp://" -- note that while some browsers like Internet Explorer have a built-in FTP client, others do not, and you may need a separate FTP client to connect to your account. You can search for "FTP Client" on freeware/shareware software sites such as or
Trying to reach a specific VF member's home page on the server? To do so, the URL will need to start with "" and then be followed by "~" and then the user name such as "sysop" and then an ending "/" -- so a complete URL to sysop's home page would be