Hello, welcome to the ValueForum (VF) “Walkthrough” a section-by-section guide to learning about “VF” and what our site has to offer. We’ll use this red text throughout the guide to describe or point things out. There will be images throughout the guide, and please note that these graphics are all screen captures and can't actually be clicked or interacted with. Below is the table of contents; if you are reading this for the first time, we recommend starting with the first section and going through the walkthrough in order. This guide was last updated in February 2013.

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Table of Contents:

1. The VF Page Header
2. The VF Page Footer
3. The VF Home Page
4. The Discussion Forum
    4a. Reading a Message
    4b. Posting a Message
    4c. Daily Digest view
    4d. Advanced Search
5. Coffee Shop
6. Stock Ratings & Contests
    6a. Reading a Stock Rating
    6b. Posting a Stock Rating
    6c. Entering a Stock Contest
7. Acclaimed Contributions
8. Group Polls
    8a. Posting a Group Poll
9. Investing Resources
10. Shared Portfolios
11. Group Calendar
12. My Settings & Portfolios
    12a. My Portfolios
13. Stock Quotes
      -- CAGR Calculator
14. Miscellaneous
      -- System Announcements
      -- Members Online Page
      -- User Profile Page
      -- Dial-up Mode
      -- Account Message
      -- Buy a Gift Certificate
      -- Message Ticker
      -- Renewing Your Pass
15. FTP Account
16. New Features in 2006
      -- OT Counter
      -- CC Private Post Option
      -- Multiple File Attachments
      -- Rating Closeouts
      -- Away Message
      -- Canadian Symbology
      -- Related Quotes
      -- Shareholders in Common
      -- Related Messages
      -- Discussions by Stock Symbol
      -- Flag a Message to Read Later
      -- My Stats Page
      -- Replying to Feedback Comments
      -- Instant Positive Recommendation
     New Features in 2007
      -- User-defined Glossary
      -- Wireless PDA Browsing Mode
      -- Group Polls - Quizzes
     New Features 2008 - 2013
      -- Auto-Signature Option
      -- Profile Keyword Search
      -- Message Alert for Private Group Posts
      -- Comments by Member
      -- Comment Keyword Search
      -- Multi-Stock CAGR Calculator
      -- Search for Posts with Attachments
      -- Enter any Portfolio into the VF Community Portfolio Project
      -- Toggle Market Snapshot On/Off
      -- Embedded Images Setting
      -- Comment Tracking
17. My ValueForum
      -- How to Reach My VF
      -- My People & My Topics
      -- My.vf Home Page
      -- Browsing Tip
18. Guidance & Testimonials from existing VF members